Privacy Policy

Co-create Engineering Co. Ltd (hereby referred to as "our company"), upon offering various legal services, protects the personal information provided in an effort to insure credibility of service and information, as well as provide our customers with a sense of security. Our company strictly adheres to rules and regulations set forth in protecting personal information.

1.Obtaining Personal Information

Our company will not obtain personal information using illegal or inappropriate means.

2.Obtaining Personal Information

Our company, for the purposes of providing work estimates, consultation, or answering questions or inquiries (including but is not limited to sending information) for work purposes shall use provided personal information as required and deemed necessary.

3.Securely Managing Personal Information

Our company will take necessary measures to protect and secure provided personal information were possible and required by law.

4.Providing Third-Parties with Personal Information

Except for cases required by law, our company will not disclose any personal information to third-parties without the prior consent of the customer to do so.

5.Disclosure of or Amendments made to Personal Information

Our company will only disclose information about the customer based on the customers request.
In such case, if our company is not able to confirm the identity of the requester to be that of the customer, the information will not be disclosed.
Any additions, corrections, or omissions from the personal information provided shall be done after reviewing such request from the customer. In such case, if the identity of the requester is not confirmed to be that of the customer, then such request shall be declined.

For any questions or concerns regarding our company's handling of private information, please use the below inquiry form, or contact the number listed below:

Contact : Co-Creative Engineering Co., Ltd. TEL : 047-312-6996

6.Updates and Changes to this Policy

This policy is subject to changes and or updates.
After such changes or updates, except for cases our company deems to be different, changes and or updates take effect once the updated and or changed policy is uploaded on this website.

Enactment Date:April 1, 2020
Co-Creative Engineering Co., Ltd.