Corporate Greeting

<Customer-Oriented> is the core management philosophy of our company and the basic policy of our business development.

We respond to the four requests of customers, , contributing as much as we can to our customers creative value.

Technology is progressing.

Through “Intellectual Externalization” and “Expansion of Sense and Ablility”, technology is making a steady progress. Contents of engineering operation have greatly changed. By returning to the basics, our organization strives to master the deep and extensive fundamentals of civil engineering and architectural construction. It is why we continue to implement in-house training and self-improvement.

This way, we are more cognizant of the value of engineering, we are able to build a clear engineering knowledgebase and network, helping us to provide our customers with valuable engineering service.

Utilizing mutual communication and adapting to the social environment, being highly aware of our customer needs, we strive to be more to make progress for our customers. As part of that progress, our company holds up to 9 competencies (abilities and behavioral characteristics) that we carry with us in every business situation we are confronted with, improving and developing along the way.

Co-Creative Engineering Co., Ltd.


Initiative Mutual Communication

By going through 7 steps, starting with “Business Contract” and ending with “Delivery and Check” , we not only solve our customers overt problems, but also offer a better approach for needs and social environments not yet seen by the customer.

Initiative Mutual Communication

Our 9 Competencies(abilities and behavioral characteristics)

Creativity, inquiry , productivity, problem solving ability, communication, responsibility, initiative and innovation, we strive and put into action these competencies to co-create a better society with our customers.

Our 9 Competencies(abilities and behavioral characteristics)